In 2010, SLANT 45—North Texas’ signature education program for Super Bowl XLV—became one of the largest service-learning projects in U.S. history. This year the program is making a comeback as the legacy project of the NCAA Men’s Final Four®.  Once again, North Texas has the opportunity to reach a community-wide milestone by engaging thousands of children from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds in projects that spark change and address real-life needs in their own neighborhoods.

What is SLANT?
SLANT (Service Learning Adventures in North Texas) is a student-led service-learning program that inspires youth to take up the challenge of improving their neighborhoods and communities in creative and meaningful ways. From making care packages for children in foster care to painting murals over graffiti, participants can tackle a variety of problems. In total, SLANT aims to engage 7,000 students in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

What sets SLANT apart from other programs?
The 2013 SLANT curriculum meets national standards for quality, and has been especially designed to engage students in our region. 

Why should I offer SLANT to my children/students? What do they get?
Each team receives access to FREE downloadable student journals and adult guides and FREE admission to the Reese’s® College All-Star Game & SLANT Celebration at the AT&T Stadium on Friday, April 4, 2014. More importantly, students develop 21st century skills like problem-solving, collaboration, curiosity and resilience.

Who can participate in SLANT?
SLANT is open to elementary and middle school students in 3rd - 8th grades in North Texas.  

How can students participate?
To participate, students work in a team under the supervision of an adult “coach” (at least 18 years old). Coaches must register their participant(s) and team at myslant.org between December 2, 2013 – March 1, 2014. The size of the team is left to the decision of the coach. There is no minimum or maximum number of youth who can be involved on any one project. Coaches can be teachers, parents, volunteers, college students, etc.; and projects may be done in the classroom, during an after-school program, or with a sports team, youth group or at home. All program materials will be sent to the team coach at the address provided during registration.

What type of projects can students do?
Students can choose from four categories of projects: (1) health and wellness, (2) learning and literacy, (3) hunger and homelessness and (4) environmental impact. From collecting canned goods and raising awareness about hunger to creating a youth/senior buddy program, projects are limited only by a child’s imagination!

Is there a deadline for students to finish their projects?
March 21, 2014 is the deadline to complete all SLANT projects. While teams will still be able to update their team progress online after March 21, those who finish their projects and submit completion information at myslant.org by the deadline will be invited to attend a special culminating event at AT&T Stadium. Please review the timeline in this document for more details.

What is the culminating event?
The Reese’s® College All-Star Game & SLANT Celebration will take place at AT&T Stadium on April 4, 2014 to honor each participant and celebrate the difference that SLANT teams made in the North Texas community this year. Free stadium parking and admission will be awarded to SLANT participants and their families.

Noon – 4:00 p.m.: Open practices for Final Four teams
4:30 – 6:30 p.m.:  Reese’s® College All-Star Game, showcasing 20 of the best senior players in the NCAA Division I.  
6:45 – 7:45 p.m.: Reese’s® SLANT Celebration, a concert and interactive family-friendly experience, exclusively for SLANT participants and their families. More details, including the entertainment/talent act, will be announced in January 2014.

What is Bracket Town?
Bracket Town is known as the ultimate Final Four fan fest! It will be held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas (Halls A-D) on Friday, April 4 through Monday, April 7. Attendees can enjoy interactive basketball activities, youth clinics, special performances, prizes, autograph sessions and other activities that are fun for all ages. We’ll provide more information on how vouchers will be distributed as we get closer to the event.

Can we form multiple teams from the same organization?
Yes, as long as each team has an assigned adult leader (18 years or older) who will be responsible for registering online and guiding the team through the service-learning process. Each team may independently select and complete their own service-learning adventure.

Who can become a SLANT partner?
Any organization or business can offer SLANT to their students or program participants, recruit adult volunteers, help spread the word or partner in other creative ways. SLANT partners include school districts, private schools, nonprofit organizations, after-school providers, youth and cultural organizations, museums, churches, youth sports leagues, universities, businesses and more. 

Where can I get more information?
Please send an email to info@myslant.org or call the SLANT hotline at 469-621-8989. You can also contact one of our SLANT team members:
Community Engagement: Erin Offord, 
erin.offord@bigthought.org or 469-916-9811
Communication and Marketing: Martha Palacios, 
martha.palacios@bigthought.org or 469-916-9802

SLANT Project Timeline
December 2: SLANT teams may begin registering at myslant.org.
March 1: Registration deadline.
December 2-March 21: Period to execute SLANT projects. Teams that begin working on their SLANT projects before December 2, 2013 must still register and record their progress on the website.
March 21: Deadline to finish projects and submit completion information at myslant.org. Teams who complete this step will be invited to the culminating event on April 4.
April 4: Reese’s® College All-Star Game & SLANT Celebration at AT&T Stadium the weekend of the 2014 NCAA Men’s Final Four®.
April 4-7: Bracket Town fan fest at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas.

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Slant Hotline: 469-621-8989
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