Coach Registration

Registration is designed for a SLANT adult coach to:

  • Register the number of student participants on his/her team
  • Order FREE program supplies (coach's handbook and student journals) and student t-shirts to be mailed altogether to the coach 
  • Manage online team profile
  • Submit completion information by March 21 after finishing a SLANT project in order to receive admission for students, coaches, and students’ families to the culminating event at AT&T Stadium on April 4.

By registering below, you acknowledge that:

  • You are at least 18 years of age
  • You will guide a team through the service-learning process, using the SLANT Coach Handbook you order
  • You will be responsible for disseminating and collecting a Participation Form from all participants’ legal guardians, and maintaining executed copies until July 5, 2016.
If you have previously registered with SLANT in years past, you WILL need to create a new username and password.

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